TOP 3 vulgära låtar jag älskar

Vissa låtar jag lyssnar på, blir jag sjukt peppad av. Och vissa av dem har lite udda texter. Jag har listat mina top 3 bästa låtar med "sexistitska" texter, superbra att springa eller tagga till :D

DJ Ozi - Juicy pen
"If you want to be my friend, put my dick in your hand,
move it left, move it right, try to lick, suck and bit
Here I am, touch me girl, play with me every day,
try to guess, what I am, I'm your friend, juicy pen.
If you want to be my boy, lick my pussy for my joy,
lick it up, lick it down, lick my pussy all around
Here I am, I'm your girl, do me right, be my man
Fuck me hard, fuck me well,
I'll be nice, I'm your girl."

The outhere brothers - Boom boom boom
"Girl your booty is so round, I just wanna lay you down
Let me take you from behind, I won't come until its time
And if I can not sleep with you, maybe I can have a taste
Put your naughty on my tounge, and your booty on my face"

Nickelback - S.E.X
"No is a dirty word,
never gonna say it first,
no is just thought that never crosses my mind.
Im loving what you wanna wear,
I wonder whats up under there
wonder if I ever have it under my tounge.

S is for the simple need
E is for the ecstasy
X is just to mark the spot
cause thats the one you really want.
Yes, sex is always the answer, its never a question
cause the answers yes, oh the answers yes
Not just a suggestion, if you ask the question
Then its always yes, yeah"

Bonus-låt som jag också taggar till:


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